the myth

five students at the university of east norfolk met and discovered a mutual love of improvised and non categorisable music.  sitting in the corner of the not very common room they discovered an uninvited audience for their musical meanderings. 

swapping instruments at will and sometimes without even that excuse, they used their inexperience to harness tunes from the thin air. songwriting was a process of addition....... start a groove, add a few bits, call a tune from out of the air and find some words to fill the discovered notes....... job done and song finished, move on to the next one.

cover versions happened because somebody else's tunes and words fitted the holes created.

this is of course all a complete fabrication ............................




   the reality

it's all one person - an overweight balding bloke in his '50s who never managed to progress from standing in front of a mirror with a tennis racket! songs recorded late into the night when his wife has left him "to play with himself in a darkened room", hushed vocals so he didn't wake her and musical inadequacy countered by adding and mixing layers.

supported by decades of sound engineering and quite ludicrous fantasies of musical adequacy the songs were captured and somehow managed to escape. 

a stream of musical purchases over the years flow together to form soundscapes as surprising to the listener as to the originator.

instruments played at include:

all of which show that a disposable income can be a very dangerous thing in the hands of an unskilled enthusiast.


    why 'the dolphin post'?

I used to live near to moorings in East Anglia and the mooring posts were called 'dolphins'. They were close to disintegration and worn down by the elements. I liked the form of the wood and the shape of the words. Additionally many years ago, before I moved to East Anglia, I stayed in a hotel in Great Yarmouth for work , it was called the Dolphin and right outside my window was a pole with a iron dolphin on top. Even then I remember thinking of 'the dolphin post' as a name I could use for musical musings.


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