my new acoustic guitar




 1. Faith Jupiter - June '09


With all the comings and goings with my Variax transplant (see travails with my guitar blog) the last thing I expected to happen was to take ownership of another new guitar.....

However the wonders of a special day and the giving of presents meant that I went to PMT Norwich (before you smirk it stands for Pro-Music Technology) on a busy Saturday and had a play and then again on the following Monday (the anniversary!) to haggle.......

The shop was empty of customers but fairly full of staff which helped with my argument of "give us a good deal, you've got staff doing nothing and you might as well put some money into the till...."

And they did - I am now the proud owner of the best acoustic I've owned and equally as good as the Taylor I tried and more to my taste than the very expensive Martin which I liked but didn't love. I suppose just like cars and girls - it's all down to what feels right in your hands (I am going to get into so much trouble for that comment!)

It's the natural finish and plays a dream - I've yet to record it though and I think it'll need some experimenting to get mic positions right compared to the Tanglewood